August 2013

The Re-education of my perineum ~ one woman’s personal account

August 31, 2013 Re-posted from The New york TImes ~ AUGUST 12, 2013 This article was part of a series under the category “The French government pays for perineum re-education”. It describes an American woman’s experience with the French system of maternity care and a French physical therapist by the name of “Aude” who specializes in the area of […]

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Vaginal birth — but not C-section — triggers brain boosting proteins

August 2, 2013

By Karen N. Peart August 8, 2012 Vaginal birth triggers the expression of a protein in the brains of newborns that improves brain development and function in adulthood, according to a new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers, who also found that this protein expression is impaired in the brains of offspring delivered by […]

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