September 2012

Study recommends that gyn stirrups NOT be used in routine hospital births

September 20, 2012

ObGynNews ~ CLINICAL UPDATE Does Use of Stirrups Minimize Perineal Lacerations? By Jamie Habib | September 17, 2012 Pertinent Points: Routine use of stirrups offers no benefit to patients in most bed births. There was no increase in the rates of first-degree to fourth-degree perineal lacerations in births that did not involve the use of stirrups. […]

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Fetal lung protein triggers labor in term fetus when lungs matured

September 15, 2012

THURSDAY, JANUARY 03, 2008 Fetal Lungs Protein Release Triggers Labor to Begin Babies know when and how to be born. Each one knows when s/he is ready for life on the outside. Let’s not rush them. Let’s trust them. We’ve long known that a mammal’s lungs are the last organ to develop inutero before it is […]

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