Cochrane report on use of Oral Vitamin K vs. Injectable — apparently same if all 3 does of oral are given

March 13, 2015

Note: Here is a link to extensive article on Evidence-Based Medicine on why its so important to be sure every baby received Vit K. However, it does not deal with the issue of the oral route vs. injectable. However, that is another issue — late-onset of HDN, which occurs after 12 wks. According to current […]

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Repeated 2nd trimester fetal demise often due to “long QT syndrome”

October 24, 2014

Here is info from a recent study; possibly related, though not very helpful to someone suffering from these experiences. Judith Rooks, CNM, MPH Portland, Oregon Lost Pregnancies Linked to Long QT Mutations Main Points In this convenience sample of unexplained fetal loss, 9% of embryos studied had mutations in genes associated with long QT syndrome. […]

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Maternal & Fetal Medicine groups to replace phase “term pregnancy” with 4 more accurate categories

October 25, 2013

Medscape Medical News ACOG/SMFM: Replace Phrase ‘Term Pregnancy’ With 4 Categories Marcia Frellick October 22, 2013 EDITORS’ RECOMMENDATIONS Earliest of Early-Term Births at Higher Risk for Mortality Late Preterm Birth Tied to Lower Adult Achievement Early Induction Linked to Lower Odds of Cesarean Delivery Using the general phrase “term pregnancy” to refer to births between 3 weeks before […]

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To Hat or Not to Hat, That is the Strange Conundrum

September 13, 2013

reposted from BIRTH ANARCHY January 2013 (Hi Kathy!) Posted on January 12, 2013 by Kathi Valeii Have you heard the phrase, “Stop hatting, chatting and patting?” I first heard the phrase from California midwife, Carla Hartley, who has studied during her thirty year midwifery career, the affects that interventive third stage practices have on both mother […]

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